Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's beginning to (finally) look like spring

Well, we took the opportunity with this brave mama to take some pregnancy photos outdoors and the photos turned out fantastic! I did manage to drop my flash in the water and the first picture is taken right after I tell my wonderful assistant Taylor that if this flash works after having pulled it out of the pond- she gets a bonus.... Well, it fired once and then never again.... or so I thought until I gave it a week to dry out and now it seems to be as good as new! So, thank you SO MUCH wonderful "A" for your outgoing attitude and being willing to do what it took to get the shot. Including, but not limited to, standing in a freezing stream of water, sitting in a freezing stream of water, baring all in a public garden, and dealing with a photographer who just dropped her flash in the water!

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