Monday, January 23, 2012

Brother-Sister Love!

Need I say more?!

Little Performers!

What an adorable family- both of these kiddos are so expressive, even little J at two weeks old, check him out!

What a sweet boy K is, only such a calm soul could hang out on that wonderful giant wooden mushroom!

Skateboardin' Cutie Pie

Thanks so much little A for hanging out out with me, karate chopping bubbles, trying to float with your umbrella and showing me your skateboard style! I had a blast!

And, well... sometimes it's hard being four when your mom kisses you!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome Baby E- Your Big Sister Loves You!

Poor E had a pretty bad case of jaundice but, in spite of it she was a trooper and was awake the ENTIRE 4 hour session- "your welcome" to her parents for the undoubtedly long nap she had after I left!

One Year Later...

This was little M a year ago...

... And here she is now (loves her bubbles):

Engagement Photos!

I love working with children but I gotta say, I was very excited to have a session that didn't involve singing songs or chasing after little ones and where I could ask my subject to do something and have them respond immediately! We had amazing weather that day too, which didn't hurt!


Love this little man- so happy!

How could your holiday not be happy with this face?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Growing, Growing!

I love my 'Baby Plan' because I get to see all these babies grow and change so drastically in the first year and I can never get over how much they change. Here's little Miss C at her 6 month appointment, I just want to squeeze those baby fat rolls!