Monday, July 26, 2010

Such Big Grins!

I did S and J's pregnancy photos a few months back so I was super excited to get to see little "M" when she came along. She was so tiny and SO sleepy but, no matter, we still got some wonderful smiles out of her while she slept- I bet she was dreaming of lots of milk! Thanks so much S family for sharing your gorgeous new daughter with me!

Sweet Little Man

Little B was definitely a 3rd child. Basically, just hang out and went along with the flow with whatever we wanted to do with him.... Right up until we wanted him to fall asleep and he didn't want to miss anything. Mom persevered though and we got this stunning shot of him smiling while he slept in the hanging 'basket' we had for him.

Beach Pregnancy Photos- What a Beauty!

I was lucky enough to get someone brave enough to have her pregnancy photos done on the beach. She picked an amazing location and, since we started at 7am (yikes) we didn't have much trouble with people watching us. I am really glad we did it, and I think the photos turned out to be worth the effort- thanks A and your little sidekick for the stunning photos!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun Hunting Butterflies.. and other such things

As you can see from our array of photos we did EVERYTHING at this session with little "N"... First we caught butterflies, then we rounded up some cattle with our hat and cool boots (albeit naked) and, finally, followed up with a little "jester" time, where "N" entertained us with his bells and tricks. It was entertaining, and exhausting, all at once!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

All Grown Up...

... well, a few months older, at least. He is SO HAPPY and the session was short and sweet because of it. Today, when he and his mom came to look at the photos he hung out and watched as if he were just a little man! Thanks "B" for all the smiles!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beach Time with the Family

Fantastic family fun with the "P-M" family at the beach- thanks so much for all of your perseverance with the wind!

Change of Pace: Boudoir Photos!

Got together with "L" for some boudoir photos- it was so much fun! It was difficult for me to imagine spending time with someone who's not two years old and running everywhere, or newborn and pooping everywhere... or pregnant, and exhausted! It was definitely a breath of fresh air, thanks "L"!