Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lovely Little Lady

Oh little M you are such an angel! I had lots of fun singing funny songs and telling stories about Kluk-Kluk the chicken; which was all she needed to be happy and sit still. We wandered outside, had a little mishap involving wind and my umbrella/flash but captured some great images of the little lady in the rain- what a trooper!

And baby makes... four!

Thanks so much time for sharing your gorgeous family with me! It was a marathon session at just over four hours but mom and dad tag-teamed like no other- what an inspiration! I won't say little A didn't give me a run for my money initially but I am forever endeared to him from our last session for teaching him the "Little Green Frog" song and this time I think I may have found even more of a place in his heart by showing him that, yes, his foot CAN become a telephone- he cracked me up. And new little E is such a typical second baby- easily calmed and oh-so-laid back! Here are some images from our session:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Next Photography Class- July

Photography Class- Look What We Did!

I taught a photography class here at my in-home studio this past Sunday. We had a group of 7 eager mamas who were ready to learn some basics about how to put those cameras to good use. Most of us take tons of photos of our kids and out of all of them, we notice that only a few are what we would call really good, quality images. This is was a great class for those busy moms out there who don't have time to take a complete course; and would probably forget half of it in a few months anyway. This concise, 2-hour course, touched on the basics of how a camera works and then gave a number of hints and tricks; everything from what one mode of your camera will optimize your photos to how to hold your little one's attention and get them to actually look right at the camera. At the end we brought in some models; those who had infants practice on our 9-month-old and those with older kiddos practice on our 3-year-olds, here are the results!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daddy's Girl

This little lady has already formed a close bond with her daddy... she trusts him so much that she decided to pee on him no less than four times in a 10 minute period- sorry Dad! I think little E was quite possibly one of the most laid-back newborns I've ever met. She has the sweetest cry; but I think I only heard it once in the three hours we worked on this photo session. For most of the session she was awake and very alert and; when she wanted to go to sleep, all she needed was for mommy to sit with her, their heads touching before she drifted off peacefully- wow! Here are some fun images from our session: