Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stunning Mama

I found this amazing gold frame at a local antique dealer and had to snatch it up... Okay, I can't take all of the credit, it was actually my husband who pointed it out. We definitely got our use out of this frame (check out a future blog posting for family photos with this same frame... just haven't gotten to uploading those yet). Thanks so much wonderful "W" family, I had tons of fun with you- it's great to have such an open and out-going couple to work with because we all know that frame isn't light! I also think your effort (and possible slight embarrassment) was worth it for the brick shots, turns out "Steakadelphia" on 60th and Powell is not a bad venue for urban brick photos... and I seriously doubt either of you thought you'd be standing outside on a cold rainy Portland day for pregnancy photos- thanks again!

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